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Highly advanced and reliable high voltage testing machines and electrical components, whose design and performance are class leading.

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Electrical components are supposed to withstand random instances of over-voltage during their operations which makes it necessary for them to be tested on the aforementioned parameters prior to their installation to avert scenarios of breakdown and save time and capital. With the goal of providing the most innovative and cutting edge high voltage testing solutions, Jiangsu Jinxiu High Voltage Electric Co., Ltd. offers a highly acclaimed range of advanced High Voltage Testing Machine and Voltage Test System, which are widely appreciated for their class leading performance and efficiency.

Established in the year 2000, we have earned ISO 9001:2008 and GB/T19001:2008 certification in recognition of our strict compliance to industrial quality guidelines. The offered product line of High Voltage Test Systems and Test Solutions are in accordance to the standards laid out by IEC.

Our company is the leading manufacturer of HV Test Equipment in China.

Most Popular Products
AC Test Transformer
AC Test Transformer is used with various insulation materials as well as electrical apparatus such as insulators, voltage switchgear, circuit breaker, reactors, and capacitors. It is mainly used for partial discharge test and AC voltage withstand test. This transformer is very compact so it can be installed in very minimal space. It is also used in power, distribution and instrument transformers and in GIS, CT, and VT. It has a very low PD noise and can measure sensitive PD at the test object.
Variable Inductance Ac Resonant Test Systems
Variable Inductance Ac Resonant Test Systems are used to generate a continuous sinusoidal high voltage signal. These systems use the resonance between the capacitive test object and the inductive HV reactor of the test system. They are fitted with additional voltage taps also called “bushings” to achieve a large capacitance of test objects at low test voltage. Their special mechanical design creates low noise and partial discharge level. They need very less maintenance over their entire lifetime.
Impulse Current Test Systems-Sa Type
Impulse Current Test Systems-Sa Type finds its application for testing transmission lines, wind generators, aircrafts, & helicopters. It also generates long duration current according to IEC 60099-4. This is used to test surge arresters for the residual voltage and impulse current. It can also be used with fuses and other technical applications such as lasers, thermonuclear fusion, and plasma devices. The circuits are specially designed in various shapes.
60Hz HV Generator
60Hz HV Generator is high-performance generator which is flexible and perfect for both continuous and standby operations. It is built to tackle with changing and non-linear loads. It exhibits excellent short-circuit and motors starting capabilities. The generator also enables easy access for bearing service. It is very compact and easy to erect and has a built-in brushless exciter and an internal high-performance PMG. It can give reliable operation under the most demanding load conditions.
Impulse Current Generator
Impulse Current Generator is specially designed to test the residual voltage and impulse current of metal oxide surge arresters. This is designed in varied shapes to suit the needs and it also has a protective earthing unit for safety. The operation is very simple with automatic control which works on PLC module. The various shape resistors are joined by simple joint and they are developed for low inductance. It has a very reliable and precisely controlled triggering system by power pulse.